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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  October 4, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. we all real that a huge error has take in place. . and that error has put some at risk. >> the orioles are here for their first playoff game since 97 and we have a preview coming up. >> and a look at your lone star forecast for the big game tomorrow night and the big changes for the weekend. >> if you had ever had back pain you would do whatever you can to get rid of it. >> and that includes steriod spots in to your spine but some of them are turning deadly. tonight we are learn that hundreds, maybe thousands in 2 dozen states could be at risk. if you have had a steriod shot in your back in the past two and a half months, if you have stroke like symptoms, a fever, headache, you need to get to
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your doctor. >> seven clinics got the product in maryland. all of them have pulled it and they have in the process of contacting any patients who may have been exposed. >> reporter: here is the list. the hartford county center in edgewood, the center of belaire, the interventional pain management. bockville. the specialist in townsend. green spring, and zion both in baltimore. >> all lots of this product were made in massachusetts at the new england compounding center. >> reporter: the problem was first found late last month in tennessee. it's already taken a life here and. >> this is not interest considered to be transmissible person to person and it's considered a treatable infection. >> all doctors, all hospitals have been ordered to check
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their stock. >> it's changing, this type of meningitis can take a month to show up. it's caused by a fungus and mold. >> our state health leaders expect more illnesses as hundreds of people are believed to have received this steriod medication. again, symptoms surface one to four weeks afterra the injection. we want you to read up on the symptoms and get more details on this story. log onto the news, look at the health section there in the news tab. >> if you have walked outside you notice how warm and muggy it is. nothing on the radar tonight but a change is heading our wait a minute wyatt now, with a look at what is in store forethink forecast. can you tell us what's on tap for tonight? >> absolutely. take a look at the temperatures out there now and you can see mid60s. mid60's, are the story right
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now. high temperatures today, were much warmer. we ended up in many spots pushing getting to 80 degrees, 81 in shady side. 80 chesapeake beach. 78 rock hall. so clouds continue to clear out under a generally clear sky, clearing out over the upper midwest. this is the dry, year weather headed our wake hour by hour. we will look for nice improvement, 80 by midday but down to 57, that's a fairly cool start in the morning. maybe justice lated patch or two of fog. talk act the big change for sunday coming up. >> new tonight police have identified the body of a woman found over the weekend. volunteers found her while they were clearing up lincoln park in west baltimore and her name mary tisdell. she went missing two weeks ago from her assisted living facility. she died of exposure.
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justin gormon spending the night in jail. the supervisor thought one of his workers had overpaid for a load. what he did to get it back brought in police. he knocked -- kicked in door where the worker and -- lived in the home with him that they both shared and he drove him around at gun point. forced him to call his brother to get what amounted to ransom money to make up for the mistake. their meeting place waske at this exxon where the brother called police. >> he said that the family member had been kidnapped that a ransom demand had been made for $2,000. as officers arrived they saw the suspect vehicle driving away. additional officers responded and were able to locate the vehicle on i-795. they stopd the vehicle, they arrested the suspect. found the victim unhurt in the backseat and they did recover a weapon from the car. >> he is in jail tonight on $250,000 bail. >> it has been ten years since
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the baltimore dc area was terrorized by the dc sniper. tonight victim, family and friends gathered to mark the time that's passed. they say it still feels like yesterday. they say vigils aren't about refusing to move on but are about finding healing by coming together. >> it was necessary to relieve and to share with these people the healing that needs to go on and will continue to go on in my life ever time i think about my best friend. . the two suspects were convicted of the shooting. one was executed in 2009. the others serving life without parole. you know as we get closer to election day several groups are speaking out about the issues. tonight it was jump the broom for marriages. the group opposes marriage its for same sex couples and
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carried signs at the intersection of charles street and north avenue. several polls have shown a growing support for the measure. something jump the broom leaders say they have trouble believing. >> we do not believe that with in a month it has swayed 10%. so, we are definitely saying we don't agree with that, we are say that we believe marylanders will come out and vote against question 6. >> marylanders for marriage equality said several polls show that a majority of marylander support marriage for same sex couples. they say there is also support from the president. abc2 working for you helping you understand the issues you need to vote on next month. there are a lot of ballot questions including question 6. there is also a question 4, it would let illegal immigrants to get the in-state college
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tuition discount. then question 7, table games and gaming expansion. we have a special story on the website explaning it. it is the state's new section of abc tomorrow morning's drive could be a little tough downtown. tonight there is a third sink hole on east monument street. the department of public works said it's in the 2300 block. that's a little more than a hundred feet from the first hole that opened in august. all this means it'll take longer than first thought to reopen east monument street. they will keep working. the road may be closed until the start of november though. >> one question, you packing? >> packing? >> we are thinking pink. all month long here as we recognize breast cancer awareness movement. >> as we gear up for the big race for the cure. there are a lot of fund raisers taking place. one that will let you get armed
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and take a shot at getting rid of the disease. shooting competitively for eight years and she is good. the center is just one of her regular spots. >> at least a couple times a month when i'm not compete it'll be more. you bring that up. >> reporter: she admitted she would like to see more women at the range. >> when you break that target, it's a wonderful feeling. >> reporter: she hopes women and their families will join the center this weekend taking aim at breast cancer. >> one of my friends died. >> reporter: jason said since it's touched to many the goal of the second yearly clays against breast cancer fund raiser is to top the 10,000 they raised last year.
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>> the goal is 15,000. >> it lines up and didn't take long to see why powell was so good at shooting. she takes it seriously. i got lucky hitting one after close to a half dozen tries. >> we have could especially fighting it and it's the only way to do it. >> the fundraiser this weekend at the lock rave nascet and trap center in phoenix on saturday and sunday from nine to five. half of your entry fee and the proceeds from food and t-shirts will -- as well as any donations will go to komen maryland. you can register online. there is till time to register for the race for the cure. find the information on that on the website. > are you sore? >> i will be tomorrow. >> pow. >> it was --.
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>> want to arm wrestle? >> no i got my gun. >> i loose again. >> how about the seats? forcing america to cancel flights. >> what the airline is doing to try to keep us safe in the the sky. . >> on the mobile front here we have our abc2 weather app set and ready to go. you can find the updated forecast from the abc2 storm center right there 24 hours a day. check it out. >> did you have a tough time explaning to kids that big bird was fired last night? more fall out from seasame street when we come right back.
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. all new, dozens of american airline flights are grounded tonight to fix a problem that's been caused with seat that pop loose during a flight. that's not good. the airline has a way to fix it and it's pulling planes to repair them. work is supposed to be done sunday.
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last week seats started coming loose from floor rails because of a clamp that was installed incorrectly on renovated planes. >> doctors and nurses are among the nearly 100 people charged today with medicare fraud. the government said that the suspects collected $429 million by falsely billing patients. one was accused of writing 30,000 prescriptions that came to about $100 million in fraud. it's one of the biggest medicare crack downs ever. we are working for you exposing medical professionals accused of everything from addiction to sexual misconduct. look up doctors by logging ton on to the website. you may have heard a lot about big bird today. he came up last night in the debate when romney said he would eliminate funding for pbs. would your children be forced to go without seasame street and the gang if government spending stopped differenting money to pbs?
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the woman who runs the workshop said it wouldn't come to that. >> the workshop receives very, very little funding pbs. when they always tout out big bird and say we will kill big bird that's misleading because we will be here. >> she said the workshop gets most of its money from product licensing, corporate under writing and sponsor ship. >> all right. you know call it good luck. the orioles, bump into a museum. we are getting a quick lesson on sports history. just go to sports legends museum next door to orioles park. tonight we show off the great collection. >> reporter: for all the memorable moments, milestones and stories still being written, sports play a big role in many marylanders lives. some of our heros are recognized by their haircut, others by just the first name and some by just a number.
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toyed you can find most of that history in the old camden station, camden yards. >> we use any and everything to help us tell our stories. >> reporter: while many of them live on in displays for you to experience,. >> only three people have access to this space. >> reporter: the executive director said the room known as the vault is where some of the more precious items stay. >> here are thing that are not on display. thing that are in the collection or on permanent loan that help. >> reporter: before you can touch anything you must first put on white gloves. >> feel like mickey mouse. >> reporter: to avoid the natural oils and dust that can damage the items and that's just one of the measures. >> this space is kept in the dark at a cobb constant temperature. >> reporter: he said the artifacts range from things
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like the 1947 baltimore colts mascot saddle blanket. yeah, it was a real horse and yothink the teams colors were always blue and white. >> they weren't. they were green and silver. this proves it. >> reporter: it also has a ball cap from the old browns. >> 1953, they stopped existing and transferred to baltimore to be the orioles. >> reporter: and a number of trophy footballs. >> got several of them. . >> reporter: enough to make anyone's head spin but before we left he had to show off two of the crown jewels. the first a pair of the museum's oldest. >> late 18th century lacrosse sticks used by american indians. >> reporter: the other fluff to leave you speechless. this is a bat that dates to 1927, it is a babe ruth bat that he used. >> are you kidding? >> on his way to hitting 60 home runs.
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>> reporter: in this run to the playoffs just where does he see that? >> watching the game with the fans. that's the defining moment. >> reporter: baltimore abc 2news. >> the sports legend museum is locate on west camden street just beyond center field and you want to take in the babe ruth museum and birth place on emory street. >> now, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> all right. skies beginning to clear out there after a warm day and a generally cloudy situation. now skies clearing out. that's going to let temperatures cool off overnight and bring in the sun and a nice, nice looking friday around here tomorrow. 64 now out at the airport. pressure 30.1 on the rise. today we saw that steady clearing situation from west to east. frederick clearing out first. sun over the high country to the west, sunset. then in baltimore clouds clearing, last, to the east it
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took longer but eventually skies clearing off down in ocean city. statewide under a nice, clear sky and that will make for mighty fine weather around here tomorrow. you can seat difference. humiddive levels dropping. even baltimore below 60. once we get a dew point number below 60 starts to feel more comfortable that. will stay through the day and temperature wise the drop across the state. in the 50s to the west. that's that cooler air pressing in from west to eastover the state. you can see the frontal boundary coming lue maryland. through the overall view there is that line of clouds, sparked a few showers as that frontal boundary pushed throughout of the west. now under a generally clear sky. just a few clouds, back down through cambridge and ocean city. a few clowes there. basically this boundary will keep pushing off shore and now
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the next one, this one marking the edge of some much cooler air. tomorrow, just dryer air. not really cooler, that will be sun around here generally speaking. temperatures will be right back in the 80's even with the cooler start. the sun will warm us up. the next front and much cooler air behind this thing, temperatures likely to struggle to get out of the mid-- maybe not even out of the low 50s on sunday as this canada cool air just surges in and it'll wring with it the chance for showers sunday and really just a much cooler, almost a raw weather situation for the second half of the weekend. oscar now, churning in the open atlantic but no big threat to land. we are watching the tropics through the month of october. that is for sure. tonight 57, mostly clear as we get cooler by day brek tomorrow. maybe a few patches of fog. tomorrow 80, mostly sunny, less humid. that will be beautiful and tomorrow night 58 as you head
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out to check out the game. seven day forecast, here is how it goes. cooler weather by sunday for sure. saturday will be a day of changing weather around here. look for -- basically breezy conditions with a late day shower and then into sunday, much cooler, raw day as the or come back home to play the playoff baseball. better weather for columbus day to. >> all right. oscar, big bird, the orioles bird. what a show this is. the orioles deep in the heart of texas tonight hoping to go deep in the heart of the playoffs. this is a off night to get our voices back as we come back strong tomorrow night cheering on the oriolesowho have recaptured our hearts. here is christian with the team in texas. >> reporter: you can expect this stadium to be rocking a lot more than when the orioles played a team in tampa that had nothing to play for this will be a big game. their first playoff game in 15 years and there will be at
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least a few people who yell o during the national anthem. when they lost their last game baltimore magazine publisher was there. >> i -- said guess where we are going and she said texas and i said yep. >> reporter: a father daughter tradition that will continue friday night. >> i have been going to games with him for as long as i can remember. >> reporter: none of them have been this important. in the past 15 years. >> reporter: the orioles have been in my heart all long. now seeing other people get excite, going places and seeing people in orioles shirts, is like great. >> reporter: after an o mazing regular season the hope is that the dayoff will have them ready for the texas rangers. >> appropriate that the two wild card teams have the same records, for us we lost head to head so we have to play in texas. we are a good team no matter where and they have a lot of heart and i'm trusting in buck. >> reporter: as for buck he said he is doing all he can to get a win and keep the season alive. >> we are trying everything
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possible to try to get back to baltimore. >> reporter: joe saunders will start the game for the orioles. >> be really nice to have -- get a win for the club and get a playoff game back home. that's what is -- the organization is asking me to do and it's what the fans want. >> reporter: and he will take on hu a rookie from japan who had a great season but didn't pitch in any of the game that the rangers played against the orioles this season. reporting the ballpark in arlington texas. >> we are bringing you all of your amazing coverage during the playoff run. tomorrow at noon watch us online. abc2 will -- we will be on the website as well as on the mobile device. we will look at what the orioles need to do to win against the rangers and then take onto yankees for the
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division. al. then we will have the special amazing october. >> i have a good feeling. >> me too many. >> the national aquarium getting ready for the o's tomorrow. that's after the break. >> and first terry with a look at what you will work on for night line tonight. >> coming up, is there easy money sitting right in your garage? the simple tip that could add thousands of dollars to the selling price of your used car. and we have a new memoir about how she went from church girl to playboy playmate.
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. you think you know everything about dinosaurs in check this out. a sincist thinks he may have found a new one . a two legged porcupine less than two feet long, weighed less than your cat. it's the -- it was dug up in the 60's. that's scary looking. . >> look at this. that is pretty good. are you looking at aquarium animals getting in the spirit. even a bobblehead. >> everybody is in. >> it's all an youtube. there you go. that is pretty good. >> very good. >> watch this here. turn it up.
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. >> getting in on the action. >> good. >> they can watch through the glass up there in the tropical rain forest. >> yeah. >> that's right. >> watching the cameras. >> good stuff. speaking of that weather tomorrow night in texas, outdoor game of course, back outside the dome. mostly cloudy. probably upper 70s after a warm day in texas. kind of baltimore like weather. mid to upper 70s and humidity. hopefully that will make the orioles feel at home. the rest of the outlook, big changes here. enjoy a warm friday. by sunday you won't recognize the weather. low mid50s, raw, rainy and then we will clear it out for columbus day.
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. animals singing. >> 24 hours. >> we will see you tomorrow many online at noon on abc and then tomorrow night. 6:00 to 30, live all over the place. go orioles. ♪ [ music ] you.
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